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How Buy an Alarm System

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The world of alarms and home automation is very confusing. You have hundreds of products, thousands of functions, how do they all work together seamlessly. Let Baldino’s experts guide you in your decisions to make your life easier, safer and economical.

Study and educate
Decide your needs
Study some more
Configure best you can, with what you want.
Don’t fear contacting us and asking questions.
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Like to know what home automation features you can add to your home?
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Why Alarm Systems Are Needed. How they can help You.

Do It yourself! Advanced systems. Full features programed before we ship to you. ready to install. We Program, so they are programed customized for your household. You install and call us if you need help. If you are anywhere in the DC Baltimore area, we can back you up with a tech visit. In or out of the area you have 30 days to decide if you want to keep our system. In both cases components are guaranteed for a year
We hold the cost down for you but we only have the best state of the art technology. No old equipment, which may be less money but lacking in the features and expansion capabilities you need.
The so called free systems sounds good. Low entry cost but the monthly mandatory 3 year contracts end up costing you more. So at Baldino’s, we believe the best way is keep the cost down on materials but also offer the most advanced systems out there with you install a pre-programmed system.
If you choose the we install feature a Basic System would only cost you $100. For an extra $100 our expert trained technician will come out to your home and install and train operation for you.

Are the no money systems Worth it

Pushy Salespeople Inferior products- so there is a bigger profit margin Higher monthly monitoring, mandatory 3 years contracts-so they can get their money back-nothings free Rookie low paid installer, many time subcontractors who fail to do the proper job because they are only paid a minimal amount per entry. So they rush.

You Install
We install
Monitoring Costs,
Yearly Contract Cancel at any time

Entry Sensor
Motion Sensor
Keychain Remote
Smoke Detector
Panic Button
Glass break Sensor
Water Sensor
Freeze Sensor
CO Detector
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