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Alarm Sensors Explained

Here are some of the features Baldino’s Electronic Security can provide:

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24-Hour Monitoring

Baldino’s provides 24 hours a day monitoring services.

The New Way, Cellular Monitoring

Cellular security systems are 100% wireless cellular uplink instead of a landline or a broadband Internet connection. Cellular monitoring is fast and has no wires to cut.

2-Way Voice and Video Recording

Usually a common add-on feature, 2-way Voice, a built in microphone and speaker allows you to speak directly to a monitoring center representative through your control panel. If there's an emergency and your hands are full or you can't get to your control panel, you can talk to a representative from up to 50 feet away.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These sensors detect this toxic gas that you cannot otherwise see, smell, or taste. If your home reaches dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, this sensor will warn you so you can get your family to safety.

DIY Installation

DIY installation means that you set up your security equipment yourself, without an installer, though some security companies will walk you through the process over the phone. These are usually wireless systems.

Equipment Warranty

Feel confident with our one-year parts and labor

Flood Sensors

A flood sensor will detect water before it does a massive amount of damage or floods your home. They are battery operated and can be placed were needed.

Freeze Sensor

Freeze sensors detect when your home reaches dangerously low temperatures and notifies you before your pipes freeze, saving you from costly damages.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors detect the frequency for glass breaking, so if someone breaks one of your windows, you'll know about it.

Heat Sensors

A heat sensor detects a rapid increase of temperature in your home, notifying you if you seem to be in danger of a fire. Often, placed in a kitchen or furnace room

Home Automation

Home automation refers to the ways you can use a smartphone or other web-enabled device to remotely access your home's features beyond security. These include locks, small appliances, lighting, and thermostat

Remote Access Is a Plus

Turn on the lights, turn to the coffee pot adjust the thermostat lock your doors, watch live video and more from your smart phone or tablet.


Control lights while at home. Save energy and money by dimming or turning on the lights while you’re away. Increase security by remotely turning on and off lights, giving the appearance that someone is home.


Know when the neighbor comes to borrow a tool or get a reminder when your garage has been left open by mistake.


Warm up your house before you even get out of bed in the morning or turn the thermostat down so you can save on energy while you’re on vacation. Heat or AC can even be programmed to activate when you’re a certain distance from your house with a geo fence.

Door Locks

Set and change access remotely. Let your kids in after school or get automatic text messages when they arrive home. Even let the plumber in to fix the leaky faucet without ever leaving work. Even get an audit trail of who has used the lock to gain access and when.


Make sure that your daughter turns off her curling iron before school or that you turn off the coffee pot before work.


Access a live feed from your camera using your smart phone, check your kids to be sure they are home safely and check on your pets to make sure they are not tearing up the couch cushions.

Home Alerts

Receiving text messages keeping you in the loop about what’s going on at home like when a liquor or medicine cabinet is opened. Whether you are home or away.

Energy Savings

Set energy-saving schedules on your thermostat and turn your lights and appliances off remotely to save money on your monthly bills.


Safeguard your home against theft or intrusion and get immediate help if something happens at home.
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